About. Sergey Vinogradov photographer Russia Saint Petersburg

My name is Sergey Vinogradov, I am a Russian photographer. 

In my works, you can observe more models of men, in which I always try to capture their emotionality, see a soft, human nature and tell a story in which masculinity and emotions can be synonymous. 

I work in the genre of nudity, portrait, as well as in the art direction, bordering on the level of surrealism.

Member of the Union of Photo Artists of Russia

My works are presented in New Orleans, in the gallery of contemporary art “STONE AND PRESS GALLERY

Ambassador 500 px, interview for a website

Interview for the Russian magazine UAMODEL 

A note about me, in the Serbian magazine XXZ magazin 

Interview for the French magazine UTOPIAN magazine 

Interview for the Indian magazine CHIIZ 

UNSPLASH AWARDS 2021 photographer of the Year in the Fashion category

Participant of the exhibition NEW RENAISSANCE DREAMS October 2022 Italy  

Participant of the exhibition “The Curious World of Unusual Portraits” at the Arabi Visual Arts Gallery from December 9-22, 2023 USA New Orleans

Publications in VOGUE, ICONIC Artist and many others   

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